Top 3 Ecommerce Strategies That Can Boost Sales

by: admin   /   25 Apr, 2018
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It goes without saying that online store visitors are a tricky and complicated bunch. They may browse your store for long and then move on to the next webpage without even a second look. How you wish you could entice some of them enough to buy a few items from your store, thereby converting them into customers and driving up your sales in the process.

Well, lucky for you, there are simple and cost-effective ways to do just that. No, we are not talking about sponsored social media campaigns, display ads, or paid search campaigns. These activities would yield nothing if the design of your website is not optimized for the conversions and all the money you spend will simply go down the drain.

You can, however, employ some simple and easy strategies that are proven to give your sales figure a significant boost. Check them out below. We are confident they will help you drive up sales and grow your business.

  • Offer Attractive Discounts and Promotions


Who among us doesn’t like a good deal? We all do, right? This is exactly why stores often put up discounts, promotional offers, and sales from time to time. The idea is to interest people enough that they want to come in and take a look at the merchandise. Such strategies can be especially beneficial for a recently-established setup that is trying to build a solid and loyal customer following. In such a situation, being competitive on your prices will be vital to closing more sales.

Therefore, devise a discount and/or promotion plan and make sure to give it a good display on the website. Many a time, something as simple as an offer of 10% off on a particular product (or bundle of products) can be the difference between a customer deciding to buy or not.

  • Quality Reviews and Ratings

product reviews

No potential customer is ever likely to believe tall claims made by a brand about its products. Not unless they are backed up and endorsed by someone whose words they can trust, like a friend or fellow customer who has previously shopped and used that brand’s items. That is when reviews can make a difference and make a visitor change his/her mind and become a customer. According to a study, 77% of all online shoppers look for reviews of a brand and its products before deciding to purchase something from that place.

Genuine reviews can be very helpful in lending credibility to your business by giving your reputation a shot in the arm. This helps build trust in the eyes of customers and is also good for attracting new visitors to your store and make loyal customers out of them.

  • Product Upgradation Offers

product updation

This is another great way to drive up sales. Giving customers the option of an upgrade on the product they are interested in buying is a nice way to generate more revenue through improved sales, with the added positive of a satisfied customer getting an improved offer at a good price.

Bonus Tip

bonus tip

Alibaba founder Jack Ma has often talked about how building trust is the most important thing in e-commerce. And let’s face it. Would you buy from some online store that has no guarantees that the customer information will remain private and secure? You won’t, right? Therefore, it is vital to build trust with potential customers. Otherwise, they would just stop showing up.

So, how can you build this trust and ensure the security of customers’ information? Let them know that your website is fully secure by adding security badges to your site and displaying them prominently.

So, there you have it. Use these tips to improve your sales and grow your e-commerce business significantly.

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