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5 Mistakes Retailers Make While Selling Online

by: admin   /   24 Apr, 2018
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One of the trickiest jobs is to sell a product online. One might have a number of products but as a number of websites are launching there is a continuous competition between a number of online retailers. A large number of consumers opt for online shopping through multiple online sales channels. But in order to execute that retail strategy which is multi channel is indeed a difficult task. One should know at which place he should be available for its consumer and how should one integrate a variety of suppliers in their business.

There are a number of mistakes which retailers make while selling a product online. A few of them have been discussed below

Customers’ Needs and Demands

customer needs and demands

There are a number of retailers who just think of an idea and launch their online shop before even having an idea that how a number of things are going to work. But one should be aware that what he is selling to a specific person. As they will influence a number of decisions that a person is going to make in the near future.

One should be clear about that audience that is going to be targeted. A retailer should know what people are discussing i.e. what the latest fashion trend is or what is a specific thing that is being talked about most.

One should be able to check for a number of competitors too. What are a number of services or promotions that are been offered by them? Then one should apply all these strategies on his business and think of a number of ideas by which he can move ahead of his competitors.

Variety of Platforms

online selling platforms

People who shop for a number of things online are browsing the internet in a number of ways. It’s not that one is only using a mobile phone to buy different things but with the latest technology, people use tablets, computers or laptops to get an access to what they want. One should make sure that the customer can find a retailer through different devices. The access shouldn’t be limited to a single platform.

Marketing Techniques

marketing strategy

When something is being launched online then it shouldn’t be limited to specific sites but it should be spread across a number of different websites so a variety of people can know about a product. One shouldn’t get worried if a product is not being sold out quickly. This thing should be kept in mind that everything takes time. You cannot achieve something overnight. One needs to deal with such matters patiently.

Adopting those market strategies that can be fruitful in the long term should be adopted instead of opting for those strategies which may yield benefit but it may be for a shorter span of time.

Customer Services

customer services

One thing that is agreed upon by a number of retailers is that a customer who is buying a thing online for the first time should be made a repeat customer so he buys a number of things from their website. In order to attract the same customer for a number of times, a few things should be adopted by these websites. Like a customer’s order must be dispatched on time without delaying it. The stock which is being dispatched should be thoroughly checked. A number of problems which a specific customer is facing should be answered in time and these things should not be ignored. Safety of a consumer should be the topmost priority of an online retailer.

Unprecedented Delays


Running any sort of business online is a difficult job. If one is not able to dispatch orders on time then there are chances that people may not buy from their sites again. But it’s not necessary that a retailer is always at fault. Sometimes many things might not be in control of a retailer.

These are certain things that should be kept in mind before one thinks of launching different products through online channels.

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