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Top 6 Retail Pillars of Effective Competitor Monitoring

by: admin   /   24 Apr, 2018
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As it can be seen in today’s market that retailers are doing a number of things by which they can attract a number of customers. There are a number of ways by which a number of retailers can set an effective competitor monitoring. Some of them have been explained below


Price Analysis

When one is monitoring the competitor’s product prices then this thing should be done correctly because it may affect the sales and the profits. One can always check how their competitors are pricing a specific product and then changes can be bought accordingly so the sales of a company are not affected i.e. loss can be avoided in this way. Competitor Price tracking is one thing by which it can be known that what pricing techniques are being used by a number of other businesses. By checking this a company can set its own price which suits them best. A technique known as custom web scraping can be used if one needs to know about the highest price and the lowest price of a product that has been made available in a market.

This can also tell that what effect difference in pricing is having on a number of its consumers. This technique also gives data by which one may come across a number of marketing strategies which might be very useful for pricing a specific product. A number of retailers use that price which has been used by their competitors so they are able to understand the market. If a person wants to sell a product online then it can be sometimes difficult if one is not pricing the product correctly or the pricing technique isn’t taken into account.



A number of retailers have a greater knowledge of what sort of assortment portfolio is being used by their competitors. By having an idea of this thing a retailer is able to price his product correctly and also knows when a specific product should be launched.



One of the most powerful drivers of sale are promotions and a number of intelligent retailers are using promotions as a strategy which has been used by their competitors. This is being done in order to check a competitor’s activity which is promotional. Another thing that can be checked by this is that what will be a competitor’s strategy and their next move.



Monitoring of inventory may have a huge impact on sales of a company and it may also provide a comparative advantage for a variety of online retailers. This may be useful when a competitor is running out of stock.



In order to know the review of specific product retailers use the opinion of their customers on a number of products that the consumers are using. Through this evaluation, a company can improve a number of their products. If they are successful in doing so then the sales of a specific company can go up.

Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring

Media monitoring can provide a number of retailers with potential opportunities. Those competitive reviews which are positive are being used in order to improve their comparative advantage and a number of reviews which are negative are used in order to convey their advantage which is comparative.

It is very important to provide a consumer with such product which is valuable. A company can increase its profit only if it is providing products at low price. A consumer is always attracted towards proper pricing. A consumer may also consider the value of a specific product. By doing this a business will flourish.

These are a number of ways by which competitors monitoring can be made effective.

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