Don’t Let Your Competitors Control your Profit Level

by: admin   /   04 May, 2018
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It is better that one is able to fight those enemies which one knows than those which one does not know. In today’s world an increase in competition can be seen. So in order to deal with this rising competition a huge amount of money should be invested by companies including a number of people so they are able to fight against their competitors.

A number of strategies can be used in order to increase ones profit and their profit margins. Some of these have been discussed below.

Increased prices

When a company comes in business for the first time then in order to sell their products quickly they sell them at a lower price. Like this a number of customers are attracted towards these products and buy the products again and again from the same company. Later when a number of customers are interested in buying the products from the same company then such companies in order to make greater profits start selling their products at a higher price.

But one thing should keep this thing in mind that if prices are increased at a greater pace then this might result in a loss of customers and like this a company’s customers may be attracted towards their competitors where products are being sold at those prices which are lower.

Elimination of activities

Every dollar that is being saved by you that is not able to add cost to your business or to a variety of your customers then this may be directly dropping to one’s bottom line. One should redesign those workflows and those systems which are able to provide an organization with greater efficiency. One should cut out different steps and a number of processes should be reordered.

Increased profitability

A number of employees which have been working for you should always be reminded that how important they are for your specific organization. It is due to their continuous support that a number of customers are interested in buying a company’s products and services. What should be done is that these employees should be given certain benefits because they are given profit to your business in terms of a variety of customers.

An employee should never be discouraged if he is not able to attract a large range of customers in a given period of time. The customers which are already bought by him are the ones which may be driving your business towards road of progress. If a company thinks of firing a specific employee then he should also keep this thing in mind that his organization may also loose a variety of customers which were bought in by that particular employee. The customers may not be attracted to the products of your company. But they might be attracted to the way in which they are being treated by a particular service care employee. He might be able to solve a customer’s problem which the other employee may find hard to solve.


One may not stick to a price which is being offered for a particular product. If one really wants to attract a number of customers in order to sell their products or services then a specific organization must also possess the techniques of negotiation.

If a customer is unable to pay a fix price of a particular product then the price should be set such that a customer can buy the product which he needs for his daily use. Like this even an organization can attract a variety of customers. If a certain business just sticks to a particular price without negotiating it then it might even loose its customers. In these circumstances there are chances that those customers may go to your competitors because they are ready to negotiate for the products that one may need for their regular usage.


What one organization should do is that when wants a variety of new customers then promotions should be given on those products by which one’s company knows that more people will be willing to buy a particular product or service.

In this regard one should not only encourage only those customers which are new but he should also give these promotions to the older customers. This should be done because when an old customer sees that a newer one is being advantage such as a product that may be available at a higher price by one’s competitor and is being given at a lower price by a specific company and there is an offer that he can get another product for free with the purchase of one product. When such offers are available for new customers and the older ones are not given these promotions or offer then this type of thing might leave a negative impact on the older ones. There are chances that the older customers might stop buying from your business because of the way they are being treated.

In this regard what one organization should do is that it should not do those things which might leave a bad impression on the existing customers. Such techniques or ways should be adopted in which both the new and the older customers are being treated equally without any distinction being made between both of them.

When a customer comes to buy a specific product he must be explained everything in simple words. If any problems are being faced by him then they should be solved so the customer can buy a particular product or he can avail a service which he needs easily.

The more hurdles that one faces in buying a particular product the more chances are there that a customer may opt for an opponent’s product or service. This may be done by a particular customer because he might not be facing all these hurdles in their company.

Those ways should be adopted which makes buying of a product easier. Customers should be encouraged to buy different products or services by adopting different marketing techniques. A product can also be purchased by doing its advertisement and by telling a variety of people about its advantages. The more interested people become in buying a particular product the more beneficial it may prove to be for your business. Like this one can earn more profit and as a result of this one’s business may flourish too.

One should also look at different departments of his company. He should check whether each department is functioning properly or not. This thing is also important in order to attract a variety of new customers. If every segment is working correctly and a number of new ways or techniques are being adopted to attract a number of customers then like this a business will be able to make more sales of different products and services.

In the initial stages of any business one may face difficulties in making profit. But this thing is only a matter of time. Once one is able to figure out how to attract a variety of new customers and what techniques should be followed to boost one’s business then success can be achieved. One should not lose hope when dealing with such matters.

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