How Can Retailers Grow Profits by 11%? Increase Sales, Cut Costs, or Raise Prices

by: admin   /   04 May, 2018
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A promise which is being made by the owners of different companies is that they want to make their company more profitable and they try to do this either by increasing their sales or by cutting their costs. But a thing which may increase their profits quickly is being rarely mentioned by different companies and that is putting up of prices.

Power of Pricing

What is being done by a number of companies in those economies which are developed is that those opportunities which lead to reduction in costs have been exhausted by these economies. As a result of this the presence of digital economy has also made prices transparent. This results in customer churn which is large in number which on one hand represents opportunity while on the other hand it represents threat.

Pricing Challenges


In order for one to achieve that sort of growth which is profitable for an individual’s company one should concentrate on their pricing techniques. Pricing is one of the most efficient and powerful way if one wants to achieve growth. Businesses may face some sort of pricing challenges which may be strategic. This may include a variety of those organizations which do not pay close attention to their pricing techniques which is a main driver of growth. This is important if one wants any sort of innovation or if one wants to see what impact do customers have when they buy the products by a specific company.

Different companies were unable to understand what actually across a variety of customer base their true cost was. What companies did was that they took an approach that showed certain uniformity. Another sort of pricing challenge faced by different companies is to understand how a variety of products and different customers are contributing towards their profitability. In this regard, information has been used in order to influence the techniques of pricing by focusing on a company’s sale and to see how it is going to flourish.

A company should be able to monitor and they should also be able to control different prices which may be occurring across one’s business. These are a few price challenges which may be face by a particular company. A company should always focus on their pricing technique if they want to achieve their goal. Such pricing strategies should be adopted which may be beneficial for a company for a longer span of time.

Problems faced in Execution

There are a number of opportunities that may be available for different companies but still they may be facing certain problems related to their pricing techniques. They may face problems which may be a hurdle in pricing their products correctly. A few of them may include a company’s concern that what will be the general public’s perception about their products and services. What will be the reaction of the customer after he has availed a specific service by a company or h has used a certain product?

A company may not have any sort of strategy in their mind or if they have one then it might not be clear. They might also face a fear that if they cut their costs then they might have to face a downfall in their sales or they may face a fear of even harming their inventory. On the other hand a company might have their specific price structure but there are chances that these price structures are not up to date. The prices may be low or they may be even high and if they are high as compared to a company’s competitor then an individual may also avoid buying a specific product from a specific company.

There may be prices which may not have responded to any specific change which might be faced in a company’s costs. Another reason for this might be that the prices may not be responding to the whole value of services or products that are being represented by a company. If the management is not informed then this might even result in a slower output in form of those decisions which might result in the downfall of a company. If employees are not being informed about the specific price structure then the sales of a company also be effected badly and as a result of this the profit of a company may also suffer.

All this hassle may arise due to the unavailability of data or it may also result due to the data which might not be arranged at the first due to which a company is facing this sort of pricing problem at the present moment. Such a system should be developed or it should be installed which is able to support pricing. If this thing is not being done then a company may not be able to flourish.

Pricing Strategies

If a retail company really wants to deliver those pricing strategies which are excellent and they want profits then they should alter their pricing strategies. A business should be able to track all those factor effectively which are external. Then the information which has been gained through external factors should be used to set different prices. A number of factors should be taken under considerations which have their impact on the entire economy. In the same way a company should be able to identify a number of groups of different customers, understand ones preferences and then this information should be used so their willingness to pay can be established.

Bottom Line

One thing that has a huge impact on a company’s pricing is its bottom line. It a difficult task for a company to achieve the correct pricing pattern when it is bringing in new products or services, a respond that is made to their opponents when a change in pricing is seen, a way by which different channels can be made more effective, reviewing that how profitable a specific product is and a response which is to be given to a variety of customers who have availed your services or they are using different products which are being offered by a company.

The thing by which a company can gain profit depends upon what sort of pricing strategies are being used by them. Such pricing strategies should be adopted from the start that may be beneficial for a company’s success and development. Changing these strategies may also be helpful as more customers may be attracted towards the products or the services which are being offered by a specific company.

This pricing strategy technique is also available on different online web portals which also include This online web portal is also providing a number of ways by which such pricing strategies may be adopted by companies which may prove to be very beneficial for them not only in short term but for a longer span of time.

The points which have been discussed above can prove to be beneficial if one wants profits and they want their sales to be improved. Like this more and more customers will be willing to buy a company’s product only if a company knows a number of ways to correct their pricing strategies.



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