How One Company Generated $200 Million in Additional Profit Using Intelligent Pricing Strategy

by: admin   /   07 May, 2018
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The story of such a company has been discussed which struggled with different profit margins but later it applied intelligent pricing strategies in order to realize some additional $200 million in that income which is currently operating. What was done by that company which was earning $9 million annually was that they grouped their 800,000 products in categories which were based at certain level of differentiation in the market. The products which had no competition or the ones which were differentiated highly had their prices raised by the company. Like this less increase in competition was seen for these products.

A number of ways by which the company was able to modify its intelligent pricing strategies have been discussed below.

Knowing one’s value

If one’s strategy of pricing and the proposition value are not aligned then one might be contradicting himself. He might also be confusing the specific market and the number of opportunities that might be available for an individual may also be limited due to these things. Keeping all these things in mind one should always know their value proposition.

Grouping of products or services

One should always group a number of products and services which they are making available for their perspective customers. A company may value their products as highly differentiated ones but a variety of customers may value them as partially differentiated. A company’s opinion might differ from that market which that specific company might be targeting.

Evaluation of competitors

This is an important thing which may be helpful for any business. One should check how different products and services are being priced by their competitors. What is the strategy which is being adopted by your competitors due to which a number of customers are being attracted towards their products and services?

Narrowing down things

One needs different type of data regarding to their customers in order to know whether a variety of customers will prefer buying different things from them or not. One needs to work out on the needs and demands of their customers in order to find out which product is being highly preferred by a customer. What are the problems that a customer is facing and what type of solutions are available with a company in order to deal with the problem of the customer.

Equal attention should be paid to both new and existing customers. This is an important thing which should be taken into account because these customers are very beneficial for any sort of business. A company’s profit depends upon his customers. A strong customer base means more sales will be done and the company as a whole will flourish.

Communicating change in pricing

A number of things related to pricing depends upon the size of a company whether it is small or it is large. The thing is whenever a change in price of a product is bought negative reviews will be made by a variety of customers. One needs to overcome all of these negative views by pricing their products and services in an effective manner.

These are a number of things which should be checked by a number of companies before they think of changing the price of their products or when they need to price a variety of their products and services. An online web portal known as may be useful for a number of customers when they want to check the prices of different products or services. A number of things have been explained on this online web portal related to effective pricing of products and services by which a number of customers can take advantage.

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