price comparison sites for online shopping

Price Comparison Sites for Online Shopping

by: admin   /   20 May, 2018
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A number of customers are always in search of those deals which are best. In this case, a variety of customers are using price comparison sites for online shopping. This is being done so that one is able to find out that price which is best for their desired product which they are interested in buying. Although there are a large number of price comparison sites a customer may always find it difficult to find such a price which is best for his product. Different online retailers can always price their products by checking their competitor’s product prices.

Price Comparison Sites – Why You Need to try?

Price comparison means that similar product’s price is being compared in a variety of outlets. Shopping which is being done by comparison is such a habit in which has been developed by customers. This thing is helping them in finding a variety of deals which are best and they are available online. The presence of a number of price comparison sites has been helping different customers in finding online deals. Prices of different things are now easier than before because of the presence of such online search engines and now every single thing is attainable. There are a number of things due to which price comparison website becomes an important tool to be sued.

One needs to use the price comparison websites due to a number of reasons which have been discussed below. These things should be kept in mind.

One’s Customers Do

price compare for online shopping

The customers of a specific company or business may be using these sites of price comparison in order to find a number of those deals which are the best. Retailers can use these tools in order to check what price is attracting a particular customer. This may also help one in seeing that which competitors one’s customer is able to see.

Products Availability on Websites

As one’s brand becomes popular day by day then one may prefer using different applications related to price comparison. This is done in order to see whether one’s brands products are on these websites or not. After a specific brand is available on these websites then one wants to check which brand’s prices are more appropriate than your brand. But if one’s brand is not available on these websites but one’s products are been made available then one may have to face a disadvantage if he is trying to offer that price which is better than others.

Monitoring Price Comparison Websites

You can monitor price comparison websites to see who your competitors are. With so many new brands popping up each day, it can be hard to keep track of who’s quickly climbing the ranks within your niche. You can discover new competitors using price comparison programs. So, why not compare yourself to your competition, before your customers do it.

Checking Competitors

One can monitor a variety of these websites related to the comparison of prices in order to check whose one competitor is. It may be hard for one to keep a track of those competitors who are ahead of them as a variety of brands are emerging these days. One can look for their competitors by using programs of price comparison. Like this one may be able to compare himself to his competitors before one’s customers may be able to do so.

Pricing of Products

A number of tools which are showing a comparison of prices are allowing one to see how their competitors are pricing their different products. Like this one may be able to see what type of pricing is working well for a number of those competitors who are popular. As a result of this one may better understand that how should he price his products correctly on his store and he will also be able to know that lower prices are being offered by which of his competitors.

Information on Pricing Techniques

The price comparison is a way by which one gets information about the pricing techniques of their competitors. One may also have to face the hassle of lowering their prices if one’s margins are being affected greatly. If a customer is thinking of buying a particular product he may first search for it online then he may prefer buying that particular product or service.

There are a number of price comparison websites that can be used and some of them have been discussed below

1) Price Runner UK:


Price Runner UK

Price Runner UK is most innovative price comparison website based in UK that gives amazing price comparison features to users. Now, online shopping buyers can easily compare product prices of different stores at just one platform that is one and only Price Runner UK. According to experts observations, this is newly launched website that grows very fast in price comparison world. The objective of this website is to deliver best price comparison service all across web.

Website link:

2) PriceSync

price comparison sites

It is a type of price comparison website which has been offering that sort of services which are straightforward and are easily understandable. It also monitors different prices for a variety of products which one chooses and these can be from different competitors. The data which has been collected is easily viewed by one on the dashboard of Prisync. It can also be viewed in a report which is published daily.

Some of the features of pricing with its merits and demerits have been discussed below

Features of Prisync

Prisync is able to compile a large variety of data on prices from each and every competitor in such a dashboard which is easily accessible. There is an unlimited tracking of a competitor which is being done by this website. Another feature of this website is that it is able to update prices daily and this is done 4 times on a daily basis. It also provides coverage of currency which is worldwide. Checking of the prices of competitors and monitoring of stock is also being done by pricing.

But this website also has certain merits and demerits and some of them have been discussed below.

Merits of Prisync

Prisync is user-friendly because it is simple and easy to use. It also provides those services to customers which are excellent in nature. If any sort of change occurs in a market then it reacts quickly to that change.

Demerits of Prisync

But this application also has some demerits like there may be some sort of feed updates that may be failed or some sort of changes in price which may be missed occasionally. It may also be unable to handle those links which are broken and this may result in some sort of backtracking for a specific individual who is using this website.

Website link:

3) PriceSpy

price comparison sites

A tool which is able to do online monitoring by the professionals of e-commerce is known as Price2Spy. In this regard, some of the features of this tool have been discussed below

Features of Price2Spy

Although Price2Spy is such a tool which is very powerful it has been made easy so that different users are able to use it without facing any sort of difficulty. It also helps an individual to monitor its specific competitor in a very short period of time i.e. that the time may be of even less than 10 or 9 minutes. It also has an option of such a price detection which is advance. Some of the merits and demerits of this pricing tool have been discussed below

Merits of Price2Spy

If the price of a product is being violated then it can be detected by this tool. If a certain product is not available then one even gets notification of its non-availability. It is such a tool which is user-friendly and it does give back excellent customer feedback too.

Demerits of Price2Spy

The reports which are built in are sometimes hard for one to understand. In this case, one needs to have a deep understanding of this thing and people do not have time for this thing. Some people also face that sort of interface which is at times slow. It may also lack some of the features of many of those solutions which are expensive. That sort of visualization is available which is limited.

Website link:

4) Price Trakker

price comparison sites

This type of tool is providing those insights which are actionable on a daily basis to all those retailers which are small and large. This may also include all the brands which may be present around the globe. That sort of technology is present which is accurate and it is reliable too. A number of customers are also using intelligence system in order to automate different decisions related to pricing for their own websites and this is also being done to their bottom line gets boost up.

Features of Price Trakker

This tool possesses that sort of price matching which is accurate. It also provides a no restriction policy on any sort of currency or any sort of language. Price tracker is that sort of system which is cloud-based. It is easy to access and one may be able to access it at any possible time.

Merits of Price Trakker

Its home page is able to give you such an over review which is quick while comparing prices which are against one’s competitors. This tool also helps in improving one’s sales that may result in increased margins. One may also expand the range of their products by using this tool of pricing. It also works with a number of customers who are linked with a number of industries. By using such a tool one may also be able to strengthen their position in a specific market.

Demerits of Price Trakker

A number of sellers may be underpricing the specific work. They may also be making a number of profits on orders which are being changed. They may not be completing the statement of some contract. As a result of this, there may be increased work for different buyers. This thing may be more expensive. This may also lead to an increase in the risk of prices.

Website link:

5) Price Manager

price comparison sites

It is a very powerful service which is based on subscription. It helps retailers and a number of manufacturers to track the number of prices which are available online. This may also include a variety of other intelligence which is competitive.

Features of Price Manager

It is a type of web tool which is powerful. It provides with such a pricing which is being adopted by a number of online websites. It is convenient to use so people prefer using this tool.

Merits of Price Manager

It also helps one to keep up with their competitors. It is useful for a number of customers and for this reason people also prefer using it now. It also helps in enhancing reliability which includes different manufacturers and a number of retailers. It also helps one in providing data so one remains updated about a number of things.

Demerits of Price Manager

It may have many benefits but a number of people may also face difficulty using it. This is because they may not be so much information about how to use it for a number of users who are new.

Website link:

These are a number of things which should be kept in mind before one uses any sort of these price tracking tools. People who are shopping online for a variety of products and services should check for the prices of different products before they purchase a specific product.

This is an important thing which should be kept in mind before one purchase any product. A number of results matter to a number of businesses because they are looking for profits. Profits are earned when a number of customers prefer buying the products or services from a particular company or business. Customers are an integral part of any business, so they should not be ignored at any cost. The more the sales of a company the more successful a business will be in the near future.

One should always try to increase his profit because this is the only thing that matters a lot for a specific business. Those ways should be adopted which will benefit a company or a business for long term. Those ways should be avoided which are benefiting a business for a shorter period of time. These are the things which are important and should always be considered by businesses.

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