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The Advantages of Competitive Pricing Strategy and Your Online Business

by: admin   /   12 Jun, 2018
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The strategy related to competitive pricing which may also be called the strategy of market-oriented pricing is such an approach where different online retailers are setting their prices online which are based on certain competition. This thing may not be related to a consumer’s cost or his demands.

pricing strategy

If any retailers want to experience a variety of benefits of strategy related to competitive pricing then he should such an intelligence gathering which is solid. This thing should be done so one is able to get that sort of data which is fresh from one’s competition and he should also act in such a manner which is effective and responsive towards his specific competitors. This sort of strategy of marketing always requires such a market analysis which is a detailed one.

If retailers want this type of competitive pricing strategy to be efficient in today’s world then they have to automate this process. This should be done because if one wants a variety of their products to be matched with a number of their competitors then doing this thing manually will take a lot of time and time will also be wasted. So what one needs to do is to automate this process in order to get those results which are fast and free of mistakes.

In this regard, different price comparison sites can be used. Like this one is able to make a variety of decision-related to the marketing of a product. This also helps in saving the time for a retailer. There are certain advantages of competitive pricing strategy and a few of them have been discussed below

Preventing Market Loss

One of the advantages of this type of strategy of competitive pricing is that it helps businesses in controlling competition. This is done by preventing the loss of market share and a number of customers are also presented in the same way so they do not go to other companies to buy their products.

Dynamic Pricing

A sort of approach which is more sophisticated then competitive pricing strategy is the approach of dynamic pricing. In this type of pricing, one can use the pricing information of their competitors and this thing can be used as a triggering factor so one is able to update their own prices. This thing depends upon rules of pricing for one’s assortment of product.


This type of strategy of competitive pricing can be made even more efficient if it is combined with a number of other strategies of pricing. If one wants to hold any sort of profitability through this type of strategy of competitive pricing then different retailers should be able to keep a variety of their cost in their mind.

Improving Profit Margin

The strategy of competitive pricing does not always mean that one should be cutting their prices. A wide range of opportunities may be present if one wants his prices to be increased while one is monitoring their competitors. One’s prices might be low a number of times when they are being compared to those retailers which are present in the market. If prices are being lifted a little bit even then this might have an effect on one’s competitive position. Like this one can test a certain increase in price. As a result of this profit margin may also improve and one can also remain competitive in a certain market. Price tracking software’s can prove to be very beneficial in this case.

These are certain points which should be kept in mind before one opts for this sort of strategy of competitive pricing.

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