Why does Customer ask You Strange Questions?

by: admin   /   03 May, 2018
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The thing which makes customer health or the customer success a field of interest is the fact that how interdisciplinary it is. It may include a mixture of the knowledge of a product, certain skills of customer services, capabilities of networking and a number of communication abilities which are excellent. The managers of customer success should learn more about the customer industry which they are serving so they are able to answer different questions.

On one hand, customer success is an exciting experience while on the other hand, it might be challenging too.  It might be challenging when one is trying to build an entirely new team and planning to hire customer service managers which are new. It is difficult because when one is looking for new managers then they should also possess certain skills. These skills will be dependent upon the services which are being provided by a specific company.

There are certain questions which are being asked by customer health or customer success team. Some of those questions with their particular answers have been discussed below

How familiar are you with your competitors?

This might be a good question because the interviewer may get to know how prepared an individual is or how much knowledge does he has about the competitors. It’s not necessary that the candidate has full information about its competitors but he should have some sort of knowledge about the competitors who are the top. Like he should know about their competitive pricing analysis i.e. what is their pricing strategy which they are using to price a particular product.

How can customers be re-engaged?

If a customer is not answering any of your phone calls then it might be something to worry about one should not panic so much. He might have gone on vacations, changed his department or he might have changed his company. In this case what the team of customer success should do is that they should have a number of contacts. They should not have a specific person’s number only. This should be done in order to avoid any sort of problem in near future. But if a person is unable to get in contact with each and every member of the company then this a thing that he should really worry about.

How to approach a customer with an upsell?

Those teams of customer success which are excellent are never a centre of cost for their companies but they are a good source of increased revenue. If one wants to upsell or wants to expand their growth then one thing on which they need to focus their resources on is their customer success. As one’s company continues to flourish additional revenue keeps on coming from their current customers.

How can customer success be measured?

A number of teams of customer success always ask themselves certain questions like whether they are a good source of information for their customers or not? Are they helping them in achieving their certain goals or objectives?

Customer success should never work in any sort of isolation. The problems which are being faced by a variety of your customers are in fact your problems.  They should be made aware of competitive pricing analysis. If the customer is facing any sort of difficulties then this matter should be dealt with a lot of care. The reason for doing this is that one should not want to lose their customers and if not handled with care then there are chances that the particular customer may not be contacting the specific company in future.

How can a cancelled customer be saved?

When a certain customer submits some sort of cancellation request then a company may obviously feel bad. A number of customers when submitting cancellation reports are sometimes thinking that the team of customer service may contact them again and listen to their problem in detail. The thing that they might be thinking of is that the problem they are facing will be solved. Like issues of competitive price, the analysis is being faced by different customers and different teams of customer services are trying to help people out of this problem.

By dealing with an individual’s problem and trying to solve their problems can help to gain back a variety of customers.  These questions with their suitable answers can be very helpful for the team of customer services and can help a particular business to flourish immensely.

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